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My research interests include:

  • Banach algebras

  • Fredholm theory

  • Spectral theory in ordered Banach algebras

Much of my work has been with Sonja Mouton, on investigating the connections between Fredholm theory and positivity in general ordered Banach algebras. This study is rich with many open questions that are often easy to state but not so easy to settle. :-)

Research grants

  • DRD Research Grant for Research Abroad (2016)

  • DST-NRF Research Development Grant (2017)

  • Early Career Academic Development Grant (2018-2021)

  • Subcommittee B Project Funding for Young Researchers (2022-2024)

Research supervision

MSc students

  • Sonick Mumba - supervisor with Dr Kelvin Muzundu (2022)

  • Aliyu Jamiu (in progress)

PhD students

  • Dimby Rabearivony - co-supervisor with Prof Sonja Mouton. (In progress)

  • Sonick Mumba (in progress)


  • Miles Askes (2023-2024)

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