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Journal articles

 8. (with Christian Budde) A note on the order Lozanovsky spectrum for positive operators, Complex Anal. Oper. 17 (2023).

 7. (with Francois Schulz) Spectrally additive maps on Banach algebras, Acta Math. Hungar. 170 (2023), 194-208

 6. (with Sonja Mouton) r-Fredholm theory in ordered Banach algebras, Positivity 24 (2020), 373-393.

 5. (with Niels Laustsen and Sonja Mouton) r-Fredholm theory in Banach algebras, Glasgow Math. J. (2019), 615-627.

 4. Spectral mapping theorems for the upper Weyl and upper Browder spectra, Quaest. Math. 41 (2018), 951-961.

 3. (with Sonja Mouton) A note on the lower Weyl and Lozanovsky spectra of a positive element, Positivity 22 (2018), 533-549.

 2. (with Sonja Mouton) The upper Browder spectrum property, Positivity 21 (2017), 575-592
 1. (with Sonja Mouton) Fredholm theory in ordered Banach algebras, Quaest. Math. 39 (2016), 643-664.

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